House by the Sea

This home was designed to maximize views to the water. Terracing landscape features were designed to keep the view of the water intact and to eliminate the need for railings. Detail was given to make sure the view from the house to Narragansett Bay was preserved. Jared Weaver/ CDA

House on a Hill

Developing on a steep 100% sloped hillside presented a challenge. How do you build a home on such a steep enbankment? With careful planning and collaboration between the architect/builder/and engineers, the project was born. Using a delicate footprint and sturctural steel the house was able to be constructed.

Capturing an Ocean View

This house sought to maintain a view from its high vantage point on a rocky outcrop to the Atlantic Ocean. Large expanses of glass opens the main living area/master suite to the gorgeous views.  This house is currently in construction. Way Maker Architecture/MASS Architect